Day 15 Tue What I Ate

As you know, I was quite disappointed that I didn't lose any weight since my last weigh-in on Saturday so I stepped it up (er, reduced it down). Smaller portions. Tried, anyway.

Breakfast: 1 fried egg
Snack: 10 almonds
Lunch: natural peanut butter, strawberries, watermelon, blackberries
Snack: forgot
Dinner: organic blueberry greek yogurt, cucumber and tomato salad (incl olive oil)

I know... I didn't eat enough protein or veggies or grains.

Too hot to eat. Yep, very hot day, so I didn't get as much exercising done as when it's cooler. I really hate to be hot, especially since I'm in peri-menopause, and have always hated to sweat. I gotta figure out something tho.

I'm tired of being fat.

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