Day 13 Sun Din and Day 14 Mon

Sunday dinner (day 13) was indeed from the crockpot. 2 bratwurst (yes it has fat and sodium but also lots of protein) with lots of spicey brown mustard (0 calories, 0 carbs, almost no sodium), and 1 corn-on-the-cob with a pat of real unsalted butter. Couldn't fit the green beans in the crockpot so those will wait for another day. Drank 16 ounces of lime-juice-in-instant-decaf-tea.

Monday (day 14) started early because I didn't sleep well. Awake around 4:00 and finally got up around 4:30. Took my morning vitamins and an allergy pill, and THAT put me to sleep after Hubby left for the day. Got up at 8:45 (really late!) to get my Kid up too.

Breakfast: fried egg with just a little bit of mozzarella cheese fried on it with lime-juice-in-instant-decaf-tea (LJIIDT)

Snack: handful of almonds with more LJIIDT

Lunch: gf pasta with a little bought pesto and mozzarella cheese, cherries (red bing and yellow ranier), red grapes, and watermelon (and boy I was stuffed!)

Snack: organic blueberry greek yogurt

Dinner: pic to the right with my plate on the left and Hubby's plate on the right: tuna with mayo/pickle relish/onion powder with gf rice crackers, half a carrot, a bit of red bell pepper, 1/3 of a yellow squash, and a spoonful of peanut butter. About 16 ounces of decaf iced tea.

I pretty much forced myself to eat dinner because my stomach started hurting around 4, and watering the livestock and garden around 5 in the 90+ heat exhausted me.

Actually, I was tired all day. Could have been because I took the allergy pill in the morning instead of the night before. Plus it was hot. Today's supposed to be hotter. Think I'll stay indoors and write.

I'll post today's weigh-in a little later.

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