tummy troubles

still have the flu and it's knocking me back. doc office said it's probably swine flu and to NOT leave home until I'm better ... over the dizziness, fever, and other symptoms. also told me to eat some cheese and yogurt, and to cut out fresh fruits and veggies. argh. i hate hearing that.

i had cheese sandwiches last night for dinner. had to take an immodium a.d. to keep them in, but they did.

today was a different story. had a cheese sandwich and banana for breakfast, and 30 minutes later was in the bathroom. took another immodium and a nausea pill immediately, which didn't help because my lunch of yogurt and rice didn't stay in me either.

i did, however, take a 3-hour nap after lunch. i vaguely remember hubby calling but i can't be sure!

anyway... i'm sure people are tired of hearing about my health issues.... so i'll probably not write again until i'm back in control. meanwhile, i'm reading YOUR blogs!

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