still getting over flu

I was hit pretty hard with this stomach flu. Barely got through the weekend. Watched fever carefully as doc said if it spiked, then it was the swine flu. Never got more than 2 degrees higher than my norm. Whew.

While I've been laid up, it's been a good excuse to leave the unpacking to another day, and, of course, the weight loss! When I went to the doc on Friday, my weigh-in was 270! Couldn't believe it - less than I expected! I thought I was still around 279 or even higher. And since I couldn't really keep any food in me this weekend, I might even be lower.

Don't worry. I KNOW that it's just a temporary thing, and definitely not the way to lose weight, being sick and all. But considering how I've eaten for the past several months while the house was for sale: fast food, fridge food, sit-down restaurants. Not to mention the snacks and major candy-attacks!

So... this morning, so far, I've eaten a bowl of corn chex and drank a half bottle of water. And I split an apple with the bunny.

Let's hope my food stays put!



Shelley said...

Feel better soon, Vee.

Carly said...

Feel better soon! That stuff is going around like crazy

Ron said...

Congrats on the loss, hope you are feeling better soon