Argh! Hair. Falling. Out.

Could be that my hair is falling out because the prospective buyer's inspector said we need to get a bunch of things done before he should accept the house and close. So... I've been requesting estimates, making appointments and seeing contractors at my house all day, and will continue through tomorrow afternoon.

I am soooo craving a big chocolate cake but... breakfast today was a strawberry yogurt, and so far lunch has been a banana with peanut butter. I'll have an apple or pear shortly but I'm getting ready for another contractor in a few moments, and need to make 2 more calls before he gets here. Needed to take a quick break to give myself kudos on here about not pigging out, esp on gluten foods.

ok. phone time.


VRaz60 said...

Breathe're doing fine. This will eventually all be worth the effort, so don't give up.

Salted with Shadows said...

Stress can definitely affect hair loss...hang in there!

Ron said...

Hang in there and keep making those healthier choices!v

Miz said...

I went through a hair loss period a while ago ALL DUE TO STRESS.

hang in there....breathe.

(and yea, it will regrow :))