The Drink Challenge

I took Jen's (PriorFatGirl) challenge yesterday about cutting out almost all drinks except for water and tea. I had just bought a gallon of fat-free milk so I'll continue to drink that until it's gone, but other than that, I did just fine yesterday.

We were out most of the day because our house had 3 showing appointments (yippee - frown - but only 2 showed up!). We hung out at Barnes and Nobles bookstore and at Village Inn Restaurant. I carried a bottle of water with me, and when we left the bookstore to go eat at VI, I ordered hot chamomile tea and a glass of ice. I drank a total of 3 of those - not bad!

I also got on the exercycle for a few minutes. Not long, because my realtor popped by for a quick chat, but still... it counts as effort, right? Vee


Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

silly, there were some days I just wouldn't drink anything but water but not on purpose, it was just the way the day worked out.

NOW? Now that I said no non-water beverages from now till Aug 1st, I'm DYING over here! I feel like I'm ready to hit up the vending machine and get 1 bottle of everthing, and I don't even like soda!

This is a huge learning lesson for me, the minute I say I "can't" have something, I WANT IT! Peace be with me, HA!

Glad to hear you got a couple of showings yesterday!

VeeGettingHealthy said...

Thanks, Jen. And I'm craving coca cola. not just any coke, but the brand name coca cola... something i never drink.

argh. Vee