Progress... on the Home Front!

We got a lot done yesterday. I hired a handyman to fix two stair railings, replace some siding that had rotted away, and fix the fence so that the gate actually works. Then we had another man take down our old broken garage door and replace it with a nice "whole" one.

Tween and I went through more stuff and packed more boxes. But I also had to work on June's schoolwork planning.

So now its Thursday, and we have lots to do again. Two tons of gravel is supposed to be delivered in a couple of hours, so that the handyman who'll be back tomorrow, can make the back patio area look presentable.

We're behind schedule tho. We're thinking the house will need to wait until July 3rd to put it on the market. That helps with my stress level. And, I'm sure, Tween's and Hubby's.

Breathing time!

I had a bowl of cereal about an hour ago, and am waiting for Tween to wake up and get his own. Then we'll get some work done, eat some yogurt, clean the kitchen, eat a piece of fruit, and keep on going.

I was doing great with eating healthy when I started my day with a piece of raw fruit, but I've kinda gotten away from that. I can tell the difference. When I start with an apple or pear, I seem to be able to last longer without eating another thing. When I eat cereal, I still feel hungry.


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