Loss for Words

That's me right now ... at a loss for words. Still working hard to get the house ready to put on the market (8 days left). Still too hot to eat, so I'm mostly drinking juice and protein drinks. Did grab a piece of pizza last night but for the most part, would rather drink my meals.

We got some POM wonderful juice in the mail last week. One bottle had cracked but there were some absorbant thingies in the box so it didn't leak anywhere. Anyway, Hubby drank most of them, sometimes 2 at a time! I tried one but it was a bit too tart, but I'm using the remaining bottles (mixed with frozen bananas and berries and protein powder) to make protein drinks. Purty tasty!

Ow. Gotta move the computer back downstairs, but my back has gotten all twisted up which means I'm having a hard time just getting out of bed. Gotta tho. I'm pushing myself because this needs to be done. Will be glad when the house is listed - then Tween and I will spend our days away from the house, probably in Barnes/Nobles or library.

Ok... I've taken 10 minutes for the computer. Will take another 10 to look at blogs I follow. Then I need to get back to packing! Argh

= = =

p.s. What's up with this South Carolina governor? He's missing for a couple of days, irresponsibly, by not telling anyone in the family or on staff that he's going hiking, which is what they finally said he was doing. Turns out he's out having an affair with Maria in Argentina, where he start the affair a year ago. Did this gov not realize his political career would be over? Plus... his family... the pain, humiliation, and complete elimination of all trust?

I never understood this ... not even when my first husband cheated on me in 1985.... WHY can't people withstand physical urges? If he can't stop himself from having sex, how can I believe that he will stop other base urges, like embezzlement or murder? Geez! Grow up, people!


Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

life, it happens huh? Glad your truckin' along - this move is surely almost over, then you can settle back into regular life. whatever that means, because there always seems to be something right? No worries though - we just keep truckin' along!

Lyn said...

Hey there Vee.

Just wanted to stop in and say hi. I got the POM juice too awhile back and thought it was tart, but my children LOVED it. I am surprised. I told my 15 yr old son "I'm glad you like it! It's good for your prostate!" and he rolled his eyes at me. lol.

Maybe I should turn my a/c off and let my appetite wane. It's pretty hot here too.

Catch ya later :)