Long Hot Weekend

Our weekend was beyond hot. When I came up to my bedroom at around 7 p.m. tonight, the thermometer read 92 degrees! I immediately turned on the swamp cooler and tower fan, and continue to hope this room cools down.

We finished working on the children's bedrooms this weekend. The girl's is completely decorated, and except for cleaning the carpet, it is ready! The boy's room is 99% - I just need to cover up some words I painted in dark blue. I'm making a picture (painting?) that will cover it up so I don't have to paint the whole room. We also have the office mostly done ... books on shelves, etc. And the laundry room looks great!

The hot temps and stress was getting to us so we pushed the listing date from next week to the week after. So... we took most of today off from getting the house ready to list, and went to the Denver Aquarium. Totally worth it.

With the kitchen in such disarray, we aren't cooking or preparing food at all... instead, relying on local fast food places, or Village Inn. But the good thing is that I don't get pig-out food any more. It saps what little energy I have in this heat. I usually get a chicken sandwich, and give the fries to my kid. I usually supplement the day with a ready-made protein drink. I have had to drink gatorade, because I had heat exhaustion twice in the last 5 days.

But all in all... I'm doing pretty good, considering I put the "diet" (ew, dirty word) on hold till this mess is over.

Hopefully soon I'll be back to doing everything I've put off... preparing healthy meals, exercising, proper rest, reading your blogs, etc. Soon! Vee

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MizFit said...

it reads to me like youre exercising a LOT woman!
just living your life right now.

glad you took a day off to chill (relatively. man its hot!) and just be together, too.

take care of yourself,