A Successful Saturday

After not sleeping very well (a spider crawled into my ear in the middle of the night and creeped me out so much I couldn't get back to sleep again), we actually had a pretty good day.

After starting off with my daily fruit (pear this time), I experimented with various gluten-free flours (sorghum, brown rice, and coconut flours) and made some delicious pancakes, with organic chocolate chips, and drizzled with honey. Really, they were unbelievable!

Then I watered the garden (got sunburnt), set up a skype call to my dad for the afternoon, then we went shopping at our favorite gluten-free bakery (http://www.debysglutenfree.com/). At Deby's Bakery, I asked the owner herself if their ingredients are organic, and she confirmed that they are as organic as they can get... she knows the oat grower, the rice grower, etc. Relief! So we stocked up on gf tortillas, country white bread, pizza crusts, cinnamon/sugar donuts, and brownie mix. (p.s. ... they ship).

Then we went to try out a different health food store to look for organic meat and more raw cheeses. We stopped at a Sunflower store, where the prices were higher than Vitamin Cottage, although we were told they were supposed to be cheaper. We came away with organic potato chips (for Tween!), organic vanilla, and three cheeses, including a gouda!

On our way down the street, we found a Beau Jo's pizza restaurant that had a big sign out front: gluten-free pizza! We stopped, and discovered they also have dairy-free cheese. Lunch!! Tween had a gluten-free cheese pizza; I did too but with red onions; and Hubby had a regular crust with dairy free cheese and lots of other toppings. I did have ice tea tho - should have had water but it is sooo hot out! No sugar tho!

We came home, I put everything away while Tween and Hubby started on the yard work. I cleaned out the freezer, and put 2 pot roasts and 2 steaks in the larger one (for Hubby's lunches next week) and 4 "all natural" chicken breasts in the smaller crockpot for Tween and Mine lunches next week. They'll be ready when we get up in the morning.

For dinner, I had leftover pizza from lunch. I fixed Tween a gf tortilla with butter, garlic powder and grated raw goat milk cheese (unbelievably delicious!). Hubby had some wontons I found in the freezer.

Now I'm sitting on the bed, typing, drinking yet another huge cup of filtered water, watching Harry Potter "Goblet of Fire", and getting ready to go to bed. I had a busy day, spent too much money, and got a lot done, especially yard work. And through it all, I stuck with our basic eating plan and didn't have any wheat, and almost nothing that wasn't organic. I have to say that it wasn't really hard, considering we're used to eating out most weekends, but finding the pizzeria was wonderful.

Thanks for all of the support. I'm wondering... what will the scale read Monday morning? Surely with this massive change, I'll have lost at least **ONE** pound!?!

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Deborah said...

Boy, you did have a successful Saturday! Congrats on getting all that done. I've got my fingers crossed for ya for Monday's weigh in.