Taxes are DONE!!!

Ok.. back to our regularly scheduled programming. Needless to say, I didn't handle the stress very well, but am back on the program.

However, my Tween is going through something. Turns out he isn't "allergic" to wheat or nuts or etc... but he does have "adverse reactions" to many things. He doesn't break out into hives, but he turns into Evil Child. Damien. The Spawn. Major behavior breakdowns.

Here's what he can't have any more:
-gluten (wheat, rye, oat, barley)
-soybeans and soymilk

Cashews especially make him chew his tongue, much like he did on Ritalin a few years ago. (He's off meds completely - since 2004 or so).

That's just beginning. So... wish us well! This is quite an experiment, seeing as how those last three are his favorite sources of protein. He likes chicken, eggs, bacon, canned baked beans and tolerates turkey and ham. He doesn't like beef, lamb, fish, and most beans or lentils (although I can convince him to eat a tablespoon or two of beans/lentils).

What on earth am I gonna feed him? Eggs and chicken and baked beans every day? Argh!

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