Milk. It doesn't do a body good.

I love milk. I know it's not really good for me, even tho I drink skim or no-fat. I can drink a gallon in one day, if I allow myself. I've resorted to buying powdered so that I always have some on hand. When I go to King Soopers/City Market/Krogers, I always check the dairy section to see if there's a gallon about to expire so marked down to a dollar or two.

No, I haven't fallen into the trap that milk does a body good. Actually, the reverse is true. Countries where people don't drink milk but eat a healthy diet (i.e. China) have among the lowest incidents of osteoporosis and other calcium-deficient problems.

Think about it. We drink something that comes from animals that's intended for their young. And not all mammal milk. We drink milk from cows, from goats and sometimes from sheep or water buffalo. But we don't drink milk from dogs, horses, or cats. Why?

So... if I intellectually know that cow's milk is bad for me, why do I still drink it?

(Thought I'd blog to vent today. Felt right!) Vee


Fat[free]Me said...

I am glad I don't enjoy milk that much (but I love cheese and yoghurts and - shhh, icecream). Have you tried rice milk or soya milk? You can gradually get used to it by mixing it in with cow's milk, gradually changing the proportions until you are 100% rice or soya.

The more I think about it, the less I enjoy animal based products, one day I shall give it all up entirely.

Have a great weekend!

MizFit said...

Im not a milk fan either. At all.

And while I SO have thought about what yo upoint out about drinking from another animal and SHUDDERED I also eat chicken etc with out giving it a thought.

Im a conundrum (and love fat(free)me's suggestion for shifting to another kind of milk!!)

Ron said...

The last and only time I could drink milk is when I would eat a pound of chocolate chip cookies with it...Glad I don't do that anymore!!!

Lori said...

I drink milk every day. I think it's fine if you don't have allergies.
Same with alcohol, not in nature, but small amounts are okay.

Vee said...

We have soy milk for my lactose-intoloerance hubby. And Tween would drink it but now that it's been discovered that he has "adverse reactions" to soy, I have to keep cow's milk in the house. He doesn't like rice milk.

I tolerate both soy and rice very well, but have to say, that cow's milk taste and texture is just addictive! Maybe that's my problem: what I shouldn't have is what I want the most.

Sure wish I could handle just a small cup of it a day but I'm still very addicted to most things I shouldn't have so it's usually either a lot or none.

Obviously, I still have work to do.