Starting the Day Off Right

I started today pretty well. Puppy woke me up at 7:52, and after taking the pooches out, and while Puppy was eating breakfast, I had a pear. It wasn't very ripe, but once I started it, I was determined to finish it. That and a big ole glass of V8-V-Fusion cut with grape juice and lots of water.

Then I got online and started reading blogs in my blogroll. Glad you're back TJ. PriorFatGirl did great this weekend in a run. AntiJared is one of the most honest people I've "met". Ron regularly leaves a comment for me, which helps a great deal. HerbalLife... goat yogurt isn't my fave but certainly is my kid's (get it?).

Hollering to get him up for the day. He'd like to sleep in, but he has math, spelling, science and reading (prince and the pauper) to get through. Okay, day... I'm ready! Vee


Vee said...

Oh man.. I just realized I left off MizFit and several others. Don't think I meant to slight anyone ... I'm, er, old, and have brain farts, and had to run upstairs, and Tween interrupted me, and ... oh poo. I said no more excuses, right? Ok... Thanks to everyone who regularly visits my blog here and those who are just ramblin' on by. There... does that cover everyone? Vee

TJ said...

Thanks Vee! I am getting caught up with everyone's blogs and sorta kinda feel "at home" in my new place. lol I am looking forward to walking around town but we are suppose to get rain for a few days here. Oh well...maybe next week! :)


Twix said...

My older two think they can sleep in to noon. Teenagers?! I've not had goat yogurt but it sounds great!

As for regular book teaching I keep finding myself wanting to go outside and bring that dead horse back in (unschooling). It seems that I get farther and farther behind where I think they all should be and everyone won't take responsibility of keeping the pace unless I'm riding them. I know I don't have all my teaching books yet but sheesh this teaching from the books stuff is sheer exhausting! :P

Crabby McSlacker said...

Totally cracked me up to think of making yourself finish that unripe pear. When it comes to fruit, I feel like if I've bought it, and bitten it, I gotta finish it, even if I'm not even enjoying it. I just feel too guilty throwing it away!