Homegrown Greens

I'm craving a salad from greens grown in our backyard. Problem is, we don't have any. The weather's been ridiculous (blizzard last night!) so I haven't even planted them yet. I have seeds ready to go for buttercrunch, black-seeded simpson, iceberge, bibb, and more.

We will be going to Vitamin Cottage in a little bit for greek gods yogurt, goat yogurt and gluten-free cereal, and I'll probably check their greens for prices, but they are usually so expensive.

So I'm wondering... anyone here ever bought greens off of craigslist? you know, locally grown in someone's backyard?

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Ida said...

I just buy stiff from the local grocery store. I'll be happy when the farmers market starts again. Then I can buy really fresh produce. Oh, the joys of living at the endo of the world. LOL
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