Catch-Up Fri thru Sun

I haven't gotten on the computer much lately except for business. Let's see if I can remember what I ate over the last few days:

I knew we were going out so I made an effort to eat healthy. Can't remember the order, but here's the gist: pear, apple, greek gods honey yogurt. Lunch was a couple of boiled eggs with a smear of mayonnaise and a tiny dash of onion powder, with a couple of carrots. But dinner.... ah! Outback, as planned. Outback's famous bleu cheese and pecan salad followed by a sweet potato and half a rack of gf ribs. I ordered a second salad to go, with the ingredients in separate containers, so I got the greens (which DOES have carrots and cabbage!) separate from the candied pecans separate from the bleu cheese and separate from the dressing. Then we ordered the Chocolate Thunder from Down Under to go -- gf brownies with vanilla ice cream. We ate that at home. Heaven!

Making up for Friday's overindulgence: fresh strawberries that weren't sweet at all (big disappointment), fresh pineapple and a pear. For lunch I got out the take-home Outback bleu cheese and pecan salad and DUPLICATED the dressing... at least in my own and Hubby's opinions. After I figured it out, I "bottled" my dressing and ate the Outback salad! Sooooo yummy. For dinner I made some taco meat so I had nachos with the taco meat. Oh, and a baked sweet potato.

Ate 2 (small) Fiber One vanilla yogurts on the way to errands. Stopped by Mickey-D's for lunch where I had the yogurt/walnut/fruit snack-salad. And a lemonade. And a few of Hubby's fries with ketchup. A couple of hours later, I had a pear. About 2 hours after that, Hubby and I split a Snickers bar. Then about an hour later, I had some rice with honey, and some nacho chips with homemade taco meat and cheese. Drank my instant decaf tea with stevia. Didn't get nearly enough liquids because by 7:00 pm, my lips were very chapped.

That's it. I hope I remembered everything.

I'm so excited that I duplicated the recipe for that salad dressing. I took lots of pictures and will post when I have more time. Meanwhile, I have a fridge still full of fruits. We picked up some greens and scallions and bleu cheese so I can make the salad any time I want to. And have a bunch of boiled eggs.

However, I think I had too much salt today - blood pressure is a bit high and I have a headache. Could be the stress. Will explain in a posting tomorrow. Blessings! Vee

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The salad sounds interesting. Good to have the fruits.