Sat Day 27's Meals and Exercise

Nibbled on the pot roast most of the day. Delicious!

-5 a.m.: 3 bites pot roast
-8 a.m.: 3 bites pot roast
-a.m. supplements

-cottage cheese with pineapple

-homemade pizza but didn't like how crust turned
... out so just the toppings (bacon, onion, cheese)
-3 bites pot roast

-3 bites pot roast

-5 bites pot roast
-g.f. pasta alfredo with mozzarella cheese
-couple baby carrots

After Dinner:
-lots of milk - major stomach cramping
-small handful dark cho m&ms
-2 g.f. chocolate chip cookies
-1 willy wonka golden egg (candy - Tween talked me into it)
-p.m. supplements

-training the dog to the leash
-walk around the block with whole "family"
-moved furniture around (yes, bad for my shoulder)

Goal Check:
-No sodas? Check
-Eat out/Order in Only Once Per Week: Check
-Gluten-Free? Check
-Supplements? Check

Notes: My pot roast was so good that not only did I nibble on it several times during the day, but I also told my Hubby that he can't have any more - I get to eat on it the rest of the weekend and as long as it lasts. He ain't happy!

I'm writing this now (instead of tomorrow morning) because I'm having major IBS / stomach cramps and want to go to bed. I don't intend to surf the net tomorrow. We have lots of stuff to do: give the puppy his first bath (OMG), work on his commands, give our chihuahua her bath, dig out the exercycle that somehow gets buried if not used regularly, cook Hubby's lunches for next week, refill pill supplement holders for the week, finish writing a book so it can be posted to sell, and so much more.

Have a great day!


Ron said...

Hope your feeling better by the time you read this

VeeGettingHealthy said...

Thanks Ron. I am!

Anonymous said...


Have you ever thought the supplements might make your stomach hurt. I was taking them regularly and getting cramps and youknowwhat regularly. Finally quit taking stomach problems. Some of us can't handle supplements...just an idea.