Pic and Measurements - OMG!!!

Had Hubby take my picture tonight with our Chihuahua. My hair's all funky because it was in a bun most of the weekend, and my pants and shirt are all yucky because of giving the dogs a bath but... here I am, Day 28.

Thought I'd do a comparison with Chihuahua. I'm sure (hope?) we'll still have her when I "get healthy".


I just took my measurements. First time in probably 15 years or so. OMG - I'm horrified. My butt is so big it used almost the whole tape measure. I had to get my Hubby to help because my arm hurt, but I forbade him to look at the numbers. I was so embarrassed, I couldn't believe he married me, this big old fat woman who is just as big now as when we got married two years ago. He reassures me that even though he loves me being fat, he'll still love me if I'm not.

My measurements are now posted to the right. Ugh.


moonduster said...

Honestly, you look terrific! Just think of how much weight you've already lost and be proud of yourself!

MizFit said...

Im with moonduster!

keep focusing FORWARD and doing what youre doing.
no time for the negative self talk---you are doing great.

Ron said...

You look great, you will be glad you took that pic. Keep at it!!!