Day 21's Meals and Exercise

Got over my guilt from Saturday.

-5 gluten-free cinnamon/sugar donut holes
-powdered milk

-2 gluten-free slider cheeseburgers (homemade) and mayo
-2 handful homemade french fries with ketchup & mayo

-a few fresh raspberries and blackberries
-2 more donut holes
-instant decaf tea

-nacho meat
-half carrot cake
-instant decaf tea

-doggy curls - 15 on each arm
-did a little pre-spring work in the garden
-exercycle for 2 minutes then later another 3 minutes

Goal Check:
-No sodas? Check
-Eat out/Order in Once Per Week: Check
-Gluten-Free? Check

Notes: Needed to make room in the fridge for our gluten-free goodies. We did chores and cleaned house, while I cooked a stew for hubby's lunch, taco meat, homemade sliders (white castles - figured out how!).

Did much better. Had to. Still, am itchy with stomach upset. Plus I had stomach cramps so bad last night that I was curled up in a ball on the bed - thinking it was the fiber from the 2 gluten-free hamburger buns and the fruit.

"Hormone Note" (Warning: probably gross for men so ignore): think my period started on Saturday. It's still very very light so can't really tell. Have had so many problems since my kid was born in 1996. Thought maybe I was in perimenopause because I haven't had a period since September but I e-mailed my doctors and said I would keep them apprised. It's possible, between the getting rid of gluten and the loss of a few pounds, that my hormones are straightening themselves out. I'll keep interested readers posted - those not interested, feel free to skip these "hormone notes"!

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