Day 20's Meals and Exercise

Saturday, as Valentine's Day, was a weird day.

-protein bar

-2 (yes, only 2) dark chocolate hershey kisses

took mom-in-law to Village Inn for V-Day
-cobb salad with chicken, bacon, egg, lettuce, carrots, etc.
-2 (only 2) of Mom-In-Law's french fries
-3 cups hot mint tea

On the way home from Village Inn, stopped to see a dog (we're looking to adopt) and stopped to our favorite gluten-free bakery (Deby's). Picked up our order: 2 pkgs hamburger buns, several pieces of cake, M&M sugar cookies, cupcakes, bread, burritos, etc.

-2 M&M sugar cookies in the car on the way home

Sorry to say that once we got home with our huge haul of gluten-free goodies, had to munch. Completely neglected to get any veggies, fruit or protein in me.
-half slice chocolate cake with chocolate frosting
-chocolate cupcake

-doggy curls - 15 on each arm
-exercycle for 2 minutes

Goal Check:
-No sodas? Check
-Eat out/Order in Once Per Week: 2nd of week: Village Inn
-Gluten-Free? Check

Notes: We knew we were taking out Mom-In-Law so I planned my meal accordingly. However, bringing home all of those gluten-free goodies make it impossible to think about "real" food yesterday. As I was in the midst of eating the chocolate cake and cupcake, I thought that I'd really blown it. Sweets. My downfall. But as I look back on what I actually ate, it really wasn't so so bad. I hadn't promised to give up sweets. Just gluten and sodas.

Gotta get rid of this guilt thing. It isn't helping.

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