That pest is back. The one who leaves mean not-helpful comments about how I should just get off my duff and just do it? (I'm paraphrasing). I'm thinking that person has never been on a diet, or ever NEEDED to diet.


(I don't know how to write a raspberry).

Anyhoo, I've turned off the comments again.  Sorry.

Back to the program at hand: was sick yesterday and again today. Fever, headache, dizziness and general exhaustion. My Kid has a headache too.  We must've gotten a little bug. Could be from the MILLION flies we have!

Today's Food:

B: pecans, grapes

L: 2 poached eggs today. Well, 3 actually but 2 were from my bantam chickens and together equal 1 egg. Added a tad bit of spicy mustard. Plus a whole cantaloupe. YUM!

D: no clue.

Really don't feel like eating again. Sweating and just feeling yucky. Think I'll make Hubby fend for himself and I'll just drink a V8 and more tea or water. 

I really need to make cheese today but I'm thinking I'll put it off until tomorrow. Hopefully this is only a 48 hour bug.

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