Won't be posting for a few days; services to attend, family members to console, and funeral.  When Hubby came home yesterday, there was a lot more junk food wrappers in his car than usual. Not usually bad with willpower, he gave in over the last couple of days. I don't blame him, but want to do the best for him, and for us.

So over the next few days, we'll be eating frozen gf mac-n-cheese, apple slices, bananas, red grapes, celery, carrots, eggs, homemade trail mix, cereal with goat or rice milk, etc. Not planning on cooking beyond the microwave, but want to provide good alternatives.

I'll get him some more Twizzlers, caffeinated soda and chips. He also loves spam and salmon with crackers.  All of these are HIS comfort foods.

And yes, I'm sure we'll have a meal or two out with family members, but I'm thinking this is a pretty healthy plan!

Thanks for the e-mails of condolences.

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