Was recommended to ... it gave this list of foods on the paleo diet: "game meat, fish, vegetables, wild fruits, eggs and nuts"

Question: what about seeds, like sunflower and pumpkin?

My problem is that when I'm hot like I am these days, I don't want meat. I had 2 eggs last night for dinner and I've been sick ever since. It was just too heavy. And I don't care for much fish (tuna but only with mayo and pickle relish). But I'm hypoglycemic and need lots of protein. Can I get that by eating pecans, walnuts, almonds, cashews, filberts, and seeds?

Another Question: Can I assume that the only drink acceptable is water? What about green and herb tea? What about coffee?

Another Question: Are onions, garlic and potatoes counted as vegetables?

Another Question: Are any seasonings acceptable, like basil?

I'm thinking about doing this, but I'll need to probably add beans, peas and lentils, as well as tomatoes. After all, we have lots growing here!


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