You get it from the title... somehow, without really sticking to my plan, I'm down a few more pounds! It's just been so hot, I haven't felt like eating much, just drinking some bottled starbucks coffee and lemonade, and a sandwich or two. A LOT of water. We did pick some blueberries last night for dinner (our very first, from the garden!) but I basically just "drank" dinner.

I'm sure most of it is released from me as sweat. We did a lot of work this past weekend (moved two chicken coops - rebuilding - and moved about 50 out of 65 chickens) and I probably sweated buckets out there. Close to a hundred degrees. ARGH. Hate this weather. Well, at least it's not raining.

June 15: 258.6 pounds
June 29: 253.0 pounds
July 19: 247.0 pounds

Went to the grocery yesterday and stocked up on more drinks: juices for the Kid, some more bottle starbucks coffees and V-8s for me, and dog bones.

That's right.

We have Krypto the Super-Service-Puppy now. Sure wish this pup would sleep through the night without whining. Right now, he's laying on my bed, trying to eat my toes. That's pleasant.  Not.  House-training then he'll start to spend more time with my Kid. Until then, it all falls on me.

I'm the mom. Don't we always get stuck with the majority of the work?

Anyhoo, hopefully soon, I'll cut out the bottled coffee drinks (too much sugar) and just make my own. Right now, I don't even want to use the microwave to heat the water to make instant and then add my own goat milk and ice.  Too much work.  I did exercise in bed a few moments last night. Nobody ever responded to my post about how to work out while laid up so ... trying to figure it out on my own.

Have a great one, all!

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