Of the 6 chicks that hatched from our own eggs last weekend, one is having major problems. She probably has a heart defect. Struggling to breathe. Won't eat. Only drinks when I dip her beak in the water. Was up with her all last night, expecting her to die but she's fought all night and is still alive.

Maybe I can learn something from her. She will probably still die, but she gave it everything she had.

So why can't I give my life everything **I** have?

That's a puzzler.


Ali (Student On A Health Craze) said...

Sorry to hear you're having problems with one of the chicks.

I think we're all guilty of not giving it our all occasionally, of going into something with our mind elsewhere. Just remember that you have the power to get back on track!

Scuttleboose said...

It sounds like you have had a rough couple of days! Just remember to be gentle on yourself.

birchgirl said...

I am sure you are giving your all to something, but not to everything. Who can do that?
I feel like I have had reasonable success with weight loss, but something had to give for that to happen. I am around for my kids much less often in the evening, for example, because I am working out.