I have HUGE upper arms. I suddenly noticed them one day about 6 years ago. One day I was fine. The next day, I had huge ham-hocks for upper arms. What the heck!

Geez, I look so deformed in this pic!

My theory on how that got that way: I naturally hold my arms bent, so as I put on weight, it clustered above the elbow. I use my forearms a lot and I guess not so much the upper arms, sooooo... fat arm syndrome.

This is something a lot of us struggle with. I'm told these ham hocks will reduce as I continue to lose the weight, but meanwhile, I'm wondering, surely there are specific exercises I can do.

Anybody know what I can do? Any special exercise to get these things OFF OF ME!?!?!


Cathy said...

Fat loss is #1, and then working out your triceps to give your arms more definition. It is a trouble spot for women for sure.
As far as I know "spot loss" is not possible, but building muscles makes anything look better.

Twix said...

I've been lifting weights. Bench press, arm curls, shoulder press, butterflys and a few others - forgot their names. Google it! Has made a world of difference with upper body strength. And the nice self esteem booster is icing on the cake. :) I don't know if all this will cause the arms to shrink but I really like the firmness I feel. Much better than free and flappy. :) I have huge upper arms too.