Sunday Silly Move - Butt Clinch

Support Group Time: What do you love most about your "diet"?

I love that I'm getting my butt back! It's a cute little butt, not all full of cottage cheese cellulite, and is actually fairly firm. When I lost my boobs (first thing to go on a woman when losing weight), I gained a cute butt. Go figure!


My secret to a cute butt: Clinches

Everybody's heard of the butt-clinch, right? Something you can do anywhere at almost any time.

You haven't?

Okay, here goes.

Sit up.

Squeeze your buttocks.



And so on.

That's it! Trust me, it'll tighten your butt cheeks, and barely anyone will notice you doing it. Heck, sometimes I do it in bed, and Hubby won't know unless I tell him.

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