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Support Group Time: When you're having a really bad day, what words do you really truly want to hear people say to YOU?


Thanks for the good thoughts. Kid is getting help. Has a med appt on Tue and another counseling the week after. Taking it one day at a time. Trying to keep things on an even keel, being the mediator, as usual. Our goals are (2) keep the Kid here, at home (not running away), and (3) keep the Kid safe. Nothing else matters right now.

Not having my sink fixed isn't helping because Kid has OCD things that HAS to be done, and one involves the sink. Hopefully Hubby can finish working on it today. I'd like to prepare a gluten-free pecan pie like the Kid loves (with chocolate chips) but ... I'm waiting on the sink leak fixed. Even want to fry some bacon and make some "messy eggs" like my Kid LOVES.

I broke my left pinky toe this morning. Again. But this time it's really bad ... sticking out to the left. I've wrapped it. Probably will splint it too. No doc tho. Can't do anything. Fun fun.

That's it for now. I probably won't get a chance to read other blogs right now. Decided to lighten the Kid's schoolwork load so am working on that while being laid up with this stupid toe. In a little while, we're going to play Uno or Life here on our big bed.

I intend to be back to full force and gusto by Monday morning. Until then, my postings may be sporadic.


Kimberly said...

Take care of you and take care of the kid. Blogland will be here when you are ready and able. I wish you a peaceful weekend.

Karla said...

ouch on the toe!!!

say to me.... You are doing a good job Karla, smile and take a breath


South Beach Steve said...

I am sorry to read all you are going through lately. It is really tough when it seems to hit from all sides.

What I want to hear from others when I am having a really bad day is either nothing at all or "Do you need someone to talk to?" While I am not typically a hugger, when my Dad died this past spring all I wanted was a hug from someone (btw, I was stuck out of town in a blizzard with no one I knew with me).

I hope tomorrow is a much better day for you. Take care of the toe.