Healthy Thanksgiving Menu

Support Group Time: What is your plan to get through Thanksgiving Day without pigging out?


As you know, I'm working to get healthy. Pretty successful thus far, except for this HUGE setback still going on, but I've been thinking about this holiday pig-out situation. I don't want to blow it around the holidays. Neither do I want to be so tight and strict with my eating that I forget this is REAL life, to be LIVED!

So, this year for Thanksgiving, we're planning a nice quiet time. My Kid and I really don't like typical Thanksgiving food anyway, and well, Hubby will have to deal. Plus I still feel really sick with this flu and sinus infection.

I didn't want to go to the in-laws for T-Day anyway. It got really tense there last year, and I just don't want the family drama this year. So ... Thanksgiving will basically be us 3 going to a movie (Harry Potter!) then grabbing something to eat. Then, on Friday, I **WAS** gonna have a Friday Feast with ONLY mom-in-law coming over but she's concerned she'll get the illness that I have so we're going to postpone it to the second Saturday after Thanksgiving. Anyway, the four days Hubby has off from work for Thanksgiving will be spent seeing that movie, doing board games, cards, maybe do a little karaoke, and possibly take a walk if the weather is ok. Play with our chickens and goats and bunny. Sleeping in. Ah, bliss.

When we have our Savory Saturday Supper ... I'm planning to have a little bit of everything. Control. Maybe that'll be the key this year.

I know. Unusual concept!

Menu: Savory Saturday Supper (formerly Thanksgiving Day Dinner)
Crockpot Turkey in Garlic Butter (smart balance)
Spaghetti Squash and Baked Potatoes with bacon/onion/parsley butter
Gluten-free walnut stuffing
Green beans with a side of onions & mushrooms
Raw veggies (cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, green beans) with ranch dip
Pumpkin Tarts
Cranberry/Orange Muffins
Gluten-free Pecan Pie Bars

My Kid wants a "real" pecan pie but is willing to be satisfied with my pecan pie bars IF they taste similar. Got my work cut out for me!

So two questions:
(1) what is on YOUR menu?
(2) what is your plan to eat healthy and normal (small) portions?


Twix said...

Karoke, sleep, & butternut squash sounds GREAT!! :D Now can you do those two sleeping? Hahaha! I only wish we could. ;-) our dreams

Ok, I'm going to take a stab at your questions. Answering on my blog, k. :)

Twix said...

Thought I would come back and add, it'll be over at Cafe' Twix. ;-) - food stuff

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Sounds like a great plan! i think that those who are making a plan will find themselves successful. The menu looks great!

Cammy said...

Looks like a great holiday ahead for you and your family!

No big plans for my holiday as we have a smallish Thanksgiving. Whew! :)

Karen said...

Sounds yummy:) My mom is having lots of "unhealthy" food; I am bringing a nice healthy quinoa side dish.

Michele said...

I just decided what I would do today: I am going to eat sweet potatoes (one serving) with no honey glaze, turkey with no stuffing, my homemade cranberry sauce with minimal sugar, salad, and more salad, and one piece of pie. I am pretty sure I can do it, too! Plus, I will drink a ton of water!

Student On A Health Kick said...

I'm from 'the other side of the pond' so this is the first thanksgiving I've ever celebrated (me and my friends decided we'd give it a go as its been a while since our last hot meal!).

I'm veggie, so its not too hard. I'm going to allow for a 800 calorie meal on that day, plus go on a run in the morning. I'll probably have quorn steaks (50-100 calories), lots of boiled veg (100-150), some roast potatoes (100) and maybe some stuffing (100). They don't sell pumpkin or pecan pie over here, so it will either be apple pie or strawberries with cream for dessert :)

Julie said...

Our Thanksgiving will just be the three of us and a traditional Thanksgiving but just in tiny portions. Just a roasting hen, our potatoes, red ones with onions. I'm sure corn from the garden and I did get a pumpkin pie but neither Jim or Mike likes it that well so will probably make apple crisp or baked apples. Oh of course just salad makings too.
Good luck with you Thanksgiving this week and later on. Take care and God Bless!!