How many calories do you burn?

Did you know that just by existing (sleeping, reading, writing, sitting), you burn 2 calories a minute? There's 1440 minutes in our 24-hour day. That means if you did nothing but sleep or sit, you burn 2880 calories.

To lose one pound of fat, though, you need to burn / expend 3500 calories. Even if you ate nothing (which I highly do NOT recommend), you still won't lose weight.

So ... eat healthy meals and move. If you move a little, even by fidgeting, you could get that 2-calories-per-minute up to 3 or 4 or even 5 calories a minute (depending on how fast you move).

Here are a few things you might do during the day:

2 cal/min: reading, sitting, standing, sleeping, reading, writing
3 cal/min: playing cards, fidgeting, or foreplay!
4 cal/min: brushing your teeth, ironing or washing dishes by hand
5 cal/min: cooking and food prep, or housework
6 cal/min: weight lifting (moderate pace)
7 cal/min: carrying an infant or sex
8 cal/min: moderate jumping jacks
11 cal/min: low impact aerobics or shoveling snow
12 cal/min: rowing machine (moderate) or jogging
15 cal/min: running 5 mph
24 cal/min: running 8 mph
18 cal/min: jumping rope
40 cal/min: running 12 mph

So what are you going to do today to burn calories?


Because, see, it all adds up.


Twix said...

I'm heading out for a bike ride! The weather is so nice today, mid 60's. :D

Great list of little calorie burners!

Diane said...

I'm happy to say I walked the treadmill for a half hour this morning.

Funny, but I had put off the treadmill for so long, never trying it because I thought I would hate it, but as it turns out, it is my favorite source of exercise now cause I can read a book at the same time!



Scuttleboose said...

That's a really great way of looking at things, Vee! I guess it can also help those of us (ahem, me) who have trouble getting up to fold the laundry or do the dishes - if we're losing weight, why not?! :)

Weight Loss in VA said...

I'm always doing my basketball routine as my form of exercise, but I'm just getting started. Hope it can help me.