I'm not hungry...

... Well, not really. I didn't eat enough today, and now it's after 8 p.m., Hubby just left for the week, and I'm looking around for dinner ideas. So far, I've had 15.4 carbs and 547.5 calories. Not nearly enough to end the day.

Breakfast was 2 1/2 scrambled eggs with mozz cheese. Lunch was my homemade flax bread with 1 cup of frozen-then-microwaved strawberries topping it (beyond delicious). Snack was a string cheese.

Nothing appeals to me right now. Not a smoothie. Not dairy. Not meat. Not salad. Not sandwich. Not pizza or burgers or tacos. Not a bowl of cereal. Not even dark chocolate chips.


No chocolate?

I know. I'm surprised too. I have a little bit of hunger pains in my tummy but there's nothing on this earth that sounds good enough to eat.

What do you do when this happens?

I think I'll force a V8 and low-carb protein drink down my gullet, and call it a night. It was a difficult and busy weekend with intermittent showers of bright spots. I also broke my left pinky toe (again ... goat stepped on it), have a huge splinter in my right thumb that won't come out, got my glasses fixed now that my nose isn't swollen any more (from when I ran into the chicken's roost a couple of weeks ago), exercycled 300 calories yesterday but only 100 today, found a mouse in my chick's brooder coop, and actually slept two nights (the first in weeks).

Maybe I'll slowly exercycle while I sip my V8 and protein drink while reading a novel (Jonathan Kellerman's "Evidence"). Yep. I'll be way under my calories, but I sure don't want to eat my son's gluten-free chocolate chip cookies in the fridge just to make them.

Besides, they just don't sound good.


Cammy said...

I have days like that every now and then, especially when it's super hot outside. I usually go with the protein drink, or sometimes just a sandwich. Something light.

Vee said...

So it's ok that I only had 22.4 carbs and 687.5 total calories for the day? I feel like I'm "cheating" to lose weight quick but it really isn't my motivation. I just... NOTHING sounds good enough to eat. (I did exercycle another 110 calories while I "drank" my dinner.) Vee