Recipes for Home Ec Class

I'm preparing my 13 y.o. son's curriculum for 9th grade which he starts next week. I'm a little stumped as to what recipes to teach him for his home ec class. Keep in mind that he's gluten-free and has other food problems, like can't have soy, cashews, peanuts and much sugar. He also has very picky tastes, and eats most veggies raw. He doesn't eat much meat (eats bacon, pepperoni, eggs, fish when I force him and chicken nuggets when I make them myself). Oh, and I'm not a great cook.

Here's what he's requested so far:
-scrambled eggs with cheese
-gluten-free pancakes
-gluten-free french toast
-goat milk ice cream
-chocolate bar (!?!?!)
-gf pizza crust
-pizza sauce
-pepperoni (how on earth.... ?!?!)

Here's what I'm adding:
-almond butter from almonds
-gf bread (bread machine)
-applesauce from apples
-cheese from our goat's milk
-yogurt from our goat's milk
-how to dehydrate our harvest
-crockpot oatmeal cooked with whey
-crockpot pork-n-beans
-ranch salad dressing
-breading and cooking fish
-breading and cooking chicken "nuggets"
-gf snickerdoodle cookies
-gf birthday cake and regular cake
-alfredo sauce for pasta (from goat milk)

Also including dehydrating and possibly making ice-box pickles from our garden's cucumbers.

Any other suggestions? Is this a good enough basis to get him through life? Got an easy recipe for pepperoni? Can we make a chocolate bar from dark chocolate chips or can we use cocoa powder and goat's milk?

(Curriculum also includes budgeting and money, sewing basics, nutrition and menu planning. His final grade will be planning and executing a birthday meal for his grandmother, sewing a something, and a written test.)


Cammy said...

Would it make sense to have a 'recipe research' component of the program? He could learn to use the internet and library to research recipes for foods he can and will eat. Just a thought.

Twix said...

I second what Cammy sais to have a recipe research component. Good idea!

As for pepperoni, my kids enjoy making pepperoni tomato soup. I don't know if that's something your son can eat. But I do know it's quick, easy, and they say,"YUM!!"