Day 39 Fri Feelin Yucky

Went to bed early last night coz of a headache. Woke up in the morning, still with headache but also with achey bod, feeling alternately hot and cold, and nauseous. Didn't feel like doing anything so I stayed in bed until time to milk the goat. Didn't even eat my pre-milking snack!

Breakfast: 2 cups watermelon (half a very small), 1/2 cup blueberries, 1 egg with a little Mrs. Dash (tomato, basil, garlic), 1 cup oats cooked in whey

Snack: 1 wedge of laughing cow lite swiss cheese

Lunch: 1 6-oz can tuna, mayo, pickle relish, pickles, 8 rice crackers

Dinner: 3 cups garden salad from a bag (lettuce, carrots, cabbage), lite raspberry dressing, 1/2 cucumber, 1/2 long carrot

Beverages: weak tea with lemon juice

Carbs: 118.5
Fat gm: 58.8
Calories: 1195.5
Calories burned from only exercycle: 94

I had too much to do, so I pushed through the horrible feeling, for a while, at least. Milked, strained, refrigerated. Gave salted whole peanuts to the goats, and sesame seeds to the chickens. Ate breakfast (I **really** hate to measure my food!), took vitamin supplements, took acetamenophen for headache, and laid down. Snack, sick to my stomach, laid down again. Collected eggs (4 out of 6), watered critters, lunch, pain meds, nap.

Had a long talk with my Kid about his schoolwork and his problems. Talked about his thoughts on how to proceed with his education, getting his high school credits, loosening up the schedule, making it more fun. Came up with a few ideas but will continue to work on all weekend as a family project. (Still would like to have input ... see post: Question About Unschooling).

Exercycle. Hubby home (he felt sick today too). Dinner. Milked the goat, strained, refrigerated. Took leftovers and a handful of corn tortillas to the chickens where there was a feeding frenzy. Eaten up by mosquitos so we came in.

Time for a shower and head off to bed with a little TV and reading. I think I did better with the calories today, don't you? Not so much for the exercising, but the little bit I did made my head hurt worse.

I'll weigh tomorrow morning before we head off. Sure hope it's gone down.

Nigh nigh

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TJ said...

humm maybe you guys are coming down with something? :( Hope you and your hubby feel better soon!

I'm not fond of weighing and measuring my food either- but it totally helps me! :)