Ta Da! House sold! Whew!

Took me about 3 hours this morning to find my computer. Just finished moving to our new place last night, after FINALLY closing that horrible nightmare of a house late Friday. Up even through closing we still didn't believe we'd be closing so we never finished packing. Geez!

Scrambled to find 4 movers and a packer/cleaner. Done, like I said, late yesterday (Sunday), and can barely find anything. Had to go buy a new toothbrush, deoderant and shampoo because packer packed everything in sight.

I'm psyched that the horrible chapter in my life is over. Now I need to unpack - I want to walk through this place without tripping over boxes and rabbit stuff. Hope to find my kitchen stuff in the next day or two. I threw my back out yesterday so I can't do much unpacking today. HOping tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I'm ever so much relieved! Come on, Winter! I'm ready!

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Shelley said...

Congratulations!!! I am so happy that nightmare is over for you, Vee!!!