Almost Ready to Blog Regularly Again

It's been a real hectic time... packing up the house, getting repairs made to satisfy the buyer, arranging the move, homeschooling, not sleeping, getting car fixed so it will actually move, family problems (hubby and son still not even close to getting along), putting up from garden, etc ... but we're almost there. We close tomorrow, move on Friday, clean old house on Saturday, and pick up an angora bunny on Sunday. Monday we'll have phone and internet, so I thought I'd take this chance to blog since I'll be without connection until Monday - talk about withdrawals.

Lots of other things happened. Want to mention just two for now:

  1. I found a lump in my underarm Saturday, August 29th. I went through an unbearable weekend, waiting for Monday to come so I could schedule an appointment. I went in around 9 a.m., saw a doctor, scheduled me for a mammogram (even tho it's not in the breast tissue). I'm still waiting for results. They won't push it through, even tho I've called several times to ask.
  2. While I was cleaning out the garage this past Monday (Labor Day), I tripped on an extension cord (Hubby was using trimmer one last time). I fell on my knees and hands. On concrete. I ripped up my left knee real bad, and jarred my arms to the point that my right wrist is sprained or strained or something - I have it wrapped.
BUT... on a positive note, considering I've eaten a lot of fast food lately, when I got weighed for my lump doc appointment, I was quite surprised! I only weighed 275. Now... that's not good for many people but I thought I'd packed everything back on so I'm thrilled!

I plan to start back on my getting-healthy plan next week once we've settled in. I'll start blogging and reading other blogs then.

Ok... gotta get back to packing, as best as I can. Still have kitchen, bathrooms and linen closet to do... with a sprained wrist, majorly painful arms, and bruised left leg.

Argh. Vee

p.s. Tried some pomegranate antioxidant super tea a week or so ago. Didn't care much for the Pomegranate Lychee (tasted too perfumy) but Hubby loved it. HOWEVER, I did quite enjoy the Pomegranate Wildberry White Tea - very yummy. Hubby liked it too but I didn't let him have any more than a taste. Oh well!


MizFit said...

thinking about you.

saw your comment at Missicats as well.


VeeGettingHealthy said...

Thanks, Miz/Carla.

Shelley said...

Hang in there, Vee. Sending good thoughts your way that will be normal with the mammo and lump. Hugs to you, lady!