Yesterday's Post Was MisLeading

Sorry about that ... I haven't had any White Castles in quite a while. Just got to thinking about them yesterday, and thought I'd write that tongue-in-cheek post in my little attempt at humor. Sorry it didn't fly. Didn't mean to make it misleading.

I **do** crave them. Not so much Krystal Burgers because they don't taste quite the same (I think it's the mustard, Ron!) but the White Castle cheeseburgers, yes. And the frozen never did cut it, but this will be one of the things I will always want.


I did actually not too bad yesterday. Figured out to how to make pizza sauce so we had gluten-free pizza yesterday. Lots of it. I ate apples and carrots and grapes and spinach and cauliflower yesterday. That doesn't mean I didn't dream it was something else!!!



Kathleen said...

Hey, I liked your White Castle post.

I have gotten to the point where I can think about (or even be right next to) things like those burgers and think, "Yes, I like those. No, there's no way I will eat them.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Kathleen. Glad you're there. I still have a long way to go. Thanks... Vee

TJ said...

why dontcha make some home made sliders? :) Thats what I do when I crave some sort of fast food that I once ate. :) Helps me fight those cravings- and saves me from a bad tummy ache! :)


Anonymous said...

I actually did make some sliders at home, and got the recipe for the burger part just right. It's finding a recipe for gluten-free burger buns that's the problem. I'm not giving up, tho. Vee

Deborah said...

I got it on your White Castle post.

If we don't dream that, that healthy food is something else we couldn't make it could we?