I lost 2 pounds!

I did! I did my weigh in just now (I've been awake since 5 but just got around to weighing at 7:20 a.m.) and it was 272. I'm thrilled.

Tween continued to behave a little better than usual but he and Hubby still had their arguments. I had a bit more energy than the weekend before. This weekend provided a bit of a teaching moment.

On weekends, I generally cook my Hubby's lunches and make his breakfasts so when he is away during the week, he doesn't impose on anyone. So I already had oriental noodle bowls for 2 of his lunches and needed to make the other three. I cleaned out the freezer and put in all of the steaks and pot roasts in a large crockpot Saturday night (none of which were organic - just on sale). Added cloves of garlic and about 2 tablespoons of low sodium soy sauce, and cooked on low overnight. In the morning I added carrots, potatoes and more garlic. By lunchtime the potatoes were done and I turned it off to cool so I could pack the lunches. But I needed to taste it - I thought "what's one or two bites of pot roast?"

Big mistake.

I ate the 2 bites of pot roast. 15 minutes later I was craving pot roast. Hadn't thought about pot roast for a while, but here, after making and tasting, I couldn't stop myself. I fixed myself a small portion (yes, it was small, only about 3 more bites) and gobbled it down. Then it hit me... I was craving something that wasn't organic, chock full of hormones and antibiotics. I hurredly packed up the roast and veggies so that I couldn't take any more - it made 3 lunches for him plus 1 extra.

But anyway... there is definitely something to this diet. I'm still craving pot roast, and it's been almost 24 hours. I obviously need to be organic.

Don't worry. I'm still taking responsibility for how I respond to my cravings. I DID stop myself after the small bowl and after I realized what I was doing. I just couldn't believe the intensity of this craving!

I also noticed that the little bit of organic vanilla ice cream... while it didn't cause cravings, it did cause more, er, sinus drainage. So I'm going to stay off of that (cow milk products, even organic) for a while. Maybe if I really want ice cream, I'll have organic Rice Dream.

So... my weigh-in showed 2 pounds less, I am a bit more energetic, the detox symptoms are lessening daily, and I feel better and better. This mostly raw, mostly organic, gluten-free, mostly vegetarian, mostly no-man-made-food health plan is working!!


Shelley said...

Yay Vee! Congrats on losing 2 pounds - that is wonderful!!!

Fat[free]Me said...

Well done on the 2lbs down - that is fabulous news!

Also, you did good to stop at the small bowlful of pot roast, it will get easier to resist as time goes on, especially now you are beginning to come out of the detox stage and into the wellbeing stage.


moonduster said...

Two pounds down is fantastic!

I'm not eating organic, but I do cook a lot more from scratch now. I like knowing what's in my food.