Can the Day Get Better?

I woke up to a bedroom temp of 82 degrees, and it was climbing when I went downstairs at 6:15 a.m. Then found one of the dogs had, er, messed in her kennel, so I started the day out washing down a crate in the backyard, and then giving both dogs a complete bath. I filled up the tanks for the swamp cooler, turned it on and THEN I ate a pear for breakfast, starting working, then 30 minutes later or so, made oatmeal. Now I see the swamp cooler is leaking.

Oh great.

But I didn't hit the chocolate or an off-limits snack. I took a long drink of water, took a deep breath, and just did what I had to do.

I'm learning.

But really, truly, I hope this day is gonna get better! Vee

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