Gluten-Intolerance Can Lead to Heart Palpitations?

I was recently surfing and came across this blog:; it looks like he was told that ingesting gluten (found in products made from wheat, rye, oat, barley) can leave to heart palpitations for up to four hours.

Hey Doc... is this true? I've had a lot of palpitations over the last couple of weeks, mainly because I was too sick to care about staying on my getting-healthy-plan but ... I didn't have gluten Monday and come to think of it, had only a bit of palpitation as I tried to sleep that night. Tuesday? No gluten. But there could have been some in the oatmeal because I didn't get certified gluten-free oats. Dagnabit. I had palpitations in the afternoon and later.

Does anyone know more about this?

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