Brunch and Hunger Pains

I was hungry, so as soon as I helped my Tween clean up after the puppy's "mess", I had two bites of leftover ribs, then mashed up an avocado with onion and garlic powder and ate it with about 10 rice crackers. Then made about 40 ounces of weak instant decaf tea with 1/2 a stevia package, and drank about a third.

Avocados mashed up with onion and garlic powder are one of my favorite snacks. Filling, good fiber, the healthy kind of fat, and with rice crackers, I get the smooth texture with the crunch I crave. Yum. Not something I want to give up, so I think I'll keep it.

Wonder if keeping a notebook of my favorite healthy and "fulfilling" snacks would be a good idea... anyone?

However, what I ate today doesn't seem like much. I had a Greek Gods honey yogurt at 5:00 a.m. but still... even after my avocado snack, I'm still hungry. Maybe I'll have some VRuit juice and a boiled egg and a banana later. And/or eat rice and an apple... the BRAT (banana rice apple toast) diet... ... ... doesn't sound very appetizing. Would rather have a big juicy cheeseburger piled high with lettuce from FuddRuckers.

Allright, enough.

Back to reality. You know... it's hard trying to fit in all of my food before 3:00... just in case I decide to take the pill anyway.

Nausea... INCOMING!

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Cammy said...

Hope you get past this nausea soon! It's so wearying!

(I *love* Fuddruckers but am thankful we don't have one here. *G*)