Back in the Saddle

I did kinda ok yesterday. I forgot to take my supplements, but didn't eat gluten (even tho I begged Hubby for a cheeseburger from Mickey D's and he didn't get it for me. I also moved a little (could have done more) and drank lots of liquids. Okay, there was a strawberry shake in there, but I haven't cut that out of my life plan yet.

This morning I made oatmeal. Actual cook-on-the-stove oatmeal. Added some Smart Balance and honey. Ate it up! Tween ate the rest with cinnamon. Been sipping on instand decaf tea with stevia as I try to write. (Hurt my right middle finger, it's almost swollen double so I can barely type).

But the sun is out. The dog and puppy are sleeping (pictures included - Spirit is the small dog to the top, and Sparky is the huge puppy lying on his back!). Tween is trying to not do schoolwork. I'm researching a book and trying to type.

Still want that cheeseburger! Or ribs. Or crab cheese wontons. Or a gallon of milk! Ah, come on!

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