So Many Changes

I have so many balls up in the air that I am having a hard time keeping up with them all!  Here's an update:
  • I had scope surgery on my right knee in June. It didn't help at all but the surgeon got a great look inside and found out my knees are pretty much beyond hope. Right knee replacement surgery scheduled for November. After I recover from that one, we'll do the left.
  • Intense pain in my back and legs led me to get more checked out. Turns out I have severe rheumatoid arthritis in my back, which means I will be in a wheelchair within 5-10 years.
  • Only way to delay that wheelchair is to lose weight and get healthy!
  • Every time I eat gluten, my back and legs hurt horribly. We're talking excrutiatingly mind-numbingly pain. So I've eliminated gluten as much as possible. Sometimes I notice it is in something I ate, but overall, I'm doing well.
  • I have published only one of my pieces of fiction, have written lots more AND some non-fiction, but all need another edit or two before I can release them. Since we really need the money, I gotta get busy!
  • Preparing for the wheelchair business means we really need a house closer to town, that we can convert to handicapped access. We still want chickens and turkeys, and hopefully goats, but I can't seem to find a decent neighborhood near Hubby's work where we can do this. Still, we're not moving for a year or so, giving us plenty of time to find a neighborhood AND for me to get through my knee operations.
  • We have already gotten rid of our goat herd. It was too much for Hubby to do in the mornings before work.  We still have chickens and turkeys but most of them will be harvested before Thanksgiving. Yum...healthy home-grow turkey!
  • Weight loss isn't going great but it's going. Steady-like. I was hoping to be at 200 pounds by my November surgery but I don't think I'm going to make it.  We'll see.
One more thing: one of the non-fiction books I'm writing is about making healthy homemade MREs (meals ready to eat) using dehydrated, freeze-dried and otherwise shelf-stable ingredients. As I wrote on that book this week, I realized that would be a perfect way to help my diet / getting healthy plan. All meals are portion controlled.  No two meals would be alike, unless that's something I wanted. Variety...the spice of life! Low sodium. Low sugar. Gluten-free. Low carbs if I wanted that.

If you are interested in that part of my life, please go to the blog I set up specifically for my Meals In Jars (MIJ) / homemade healthy MREs diet at http://homemadehealthymres.blogspotcom

Thank you.

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